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Discover our unicorn stuffed animal that is sewn from an outer fabric padded while having a soft textile material to bring magic to your children in their room with a cute stuffed toy. Our cuddly unicorn toys have many names, formerly known as stuffiesplush toysstuffed animals, or plushies. However, in Great Britain and Australia’s mythical one-horned creature kingdom, they are nicknamed Cuddly toys or only plush. Many cute colors such as rainbow, pink, purple with many different sizes ranging from giant to biglarge, or jumbo.

white rainbow unicorn stuffed animal

The unicorn stuffed animal, a cute plush toy for children

To make our unicorn stuffed animals, we use a plain fabric for the outside of our plush and pile textiles. To load our cuddly horned animal toys, we have used other stuffing materials, such as cotton or synthetic fiber. More rarely, some of our plush toys are stuffed with absorbent cotton, plastic granules, or wood wool or a little plastic to make them soft and fluffy. Often appreciated by collectors of high-value toys, our small unicorn stuffed animals are trendy. Our online store has made our stuffed animals in different shapes that look like a symbol of grace but smaller. We have also designed other legendary creature shapes or cartoon replicas such as Disney or Universal Pictures with the Fluffy plush from the 3D animated movie Despicable Me.

white unicorn stuffed animal with pink mane and tail

Discover the giant unicorn stuffed animal for big cuddles !

Our Giant unicorn stuffed animals are very often used or associated with children as a soft toy. Adorable and reassuring, adopt a roommate to sleep beside your pillows by cuddling with the giant unicorn stuffed animal. Faithful magical creatures, the kawaii unicorn has become a true legend for children and adults alike. There is a wide range of large plush fabled horse in our store. Some of them need to be held with both hands so much that they are huge and imposing. Make them the perfect decoration or toy for your child’s bedroom. Coming in all sizes, ranging from 60cm (23 inches) to about 120cm (60 inches) for the largest, the jumbo unicorn stuffed animal is a real magical companion that will seduce you and your loved ones. We also have different sizes of giant unicorn stuffed animals, from very small to life-size.

unicorn plush rainbow and white

Find the big unicorn stuffed animal on our online store

Featuring a majestic rainbow mane and whitepinkpurple, or with a blue tail, the big unicorn stuffed animal is a must-have for a child’s room passionate about the mysterious magic of the mythical horned creature. Soft and cuddly, it’s an ideal plush toy to cuddle or to live a crazy adventure. To enrich our girls’ fantasy of the big unicorn stuffed animal, we have selected a wide range of one-horned animal plush carefully chosen to please them on our online store. All princesses need a unicorn as a majestic means of transport. Climb on the back of your big unicorn stuffed animal and fly away with its broad wings to the magical kingdom of unicorns. Our big teddy unicorn for kids and girls is one of the most charming gifts to give your child based on nostalgia for childhood. Let your child express his love, friendship, and sympathy in the soft fur of the giant unicorn stuffed animal. If you did not find your happiness, know that there are also fabled beast cuddly toys made in handmade with wool available on our online store called “crochet” at a cheap baby price.